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Just for the Record

Metrofile (Pty) Ltd is the leader in fully integrated records and information management in South Africa and selected African countries. Formed in 1983 by the merger of two pioneers in the field, the company has continued to develop innovative, scaled and customised solutions for its clients, which range from large corporations and government departments to SOHO and micro enterprises.

With 26 purpose-built facilities across the country, accounting for over 88 000 square meters of warehousing and office space, Metrofile is the first choice in record and information management for businesses and organisations in every industry and sector.

The services the company provides enable businesses of all sizes to manage their greatest risk, the loss of information. To assist them in this critical function, Metrofile offers a range of solutions specifically designed and developed to meet different needs, all of which are implemented by specially trained staff in or from secure off-site locations. The company has a proven track record of helping its clients to organise, back up, manage and protect large volumes of both active and inactive documents, images and data in both physical and electronic format.           Read More 

Our Services

Metrofile’s services include:

  • Records Storage and Management

    All corporations and large enterprises have significant volumes of records and information that require specialised management.

  • Image Processing

    Many corporations and large enterprises need to convert paper-based documents, drawings or records on paper or film to digital or electronic data.

  • Backup Storage and Management

    Up to 95% of businesses that experience significant data loss will fail, nearly half of them within six months of the event.

  • Records Management Software

    What would happen if key personnel tasked with record management were suddenly not available? Would other members of staff be able to access and find critical business information?

  • Records Management Consultancy

    Reliable and effective records management begins with the development of a formal records management policy.

In addition to its South African operations, the company has facilities in Mozambique and Nigeria, and through its partnership with CSX Customer Services, it services contracts in a number of other African countries. Read More